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Adult Introduction to Handguns
This introductory course is perfect for people who are new to firearms or handguns. This is a basic course, designed by top instructors, for people with little or no knowledge or formal training in safe handgun operation.
Classes are limited to eight students for a more personal experience.
Who can benefit from this class?
This is a perfect class for you if you:
-Have never fired a gun
-Have a gun in your home
-Plan to purchase your first gun
-Are concerned with personal safety
-Have a fear of firearms
-Are a responsible parent
-Live with someone who owns or is interested in firearms.
We will teach you the basic skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to safely own, use, and handle a handgun.
Our goal is to make you:
#1 Safe. Our class is designed to familiarize new shooters with the safety and basic operation of firearms, especially handguns.
#2 Comfortable. With knowledge and training, you will be able to understand and properly handle a handgun.
What’s included?
This is a 2-1/2 hour course with top instructors, covering:
-How to safely handle a handgun
-Ammunition identification and basics
-Revolver operation
-Semi-automatic operation
-Fundamentals of marksmanship with a handgun
-Live fire exercise
Handgun and ammunition provided.
Additionally, you’ll receive some awesome Coyote Creek gear for you to keep: Eye protection, ear protection, Coyote Creek T-Shirt, and a Free range pass.
Please note: This is not a permit to carry class, but this is a recommended prerequisite for our permit to carry class.
This course is not recommended if you are pregnant. Must be 21+.
Cost: $79.99
Registration: Please register online