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Coyote Creek is the shop for all shooting, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re just learning or an experienced marksman, we’ve got the friendly expertise and selection that you need. Our full-service shop offers indoor ranges, gunsmithing services, hunting supplies, and much more. Whether you are looking for a specific piece of equipment or the right kind of training; our goal is to keep you safe, smart and educated. We have the only indoor gun range in Southeast Minnesota with a full line-up of classes; in a comfortable state-of-the-art atmosphere. Our personalized service isn’t something you can get anywhere else; at Coyote Creek our service never ends.

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Membership Perks

Membership Pricing

Lane Info & Reservations

Firearm Rentals & Ammo

Range Rules & Waiver

Indoor Gun Range Membership Perks

Membership to the indoor gun range offers the most benefits. Below is a list of Membership Perks that both Annual and Monthly Members receive. A six month minimum is required for all monthly memberships. You must provide 30 days written notice to cancel your membership. Please note: Annual Memberships Renew One Year From the Date of Purchase.

  • No Range Fees
  • Premium Shooting Lanes
  • Free Handgun Rentals on Wednesdays
  • Discounted Pricing on Classes
  • Discounted Coyote Creek Apparel
  • Receive 1 Free Target at Registration
  • 10% Discount on Private Lessons
  • 10% Discount on Firearm Rentals
  • 10% Discount on Range Ammo
  • 12 Free Guest Passes Annually

Annual Members Only Perks

Paying for your membership in-full, on an annual basis, gives you the most benefits! Listed below are our additional perks you receive as an Annual Member of the Indoor Gun Range.

  • Annual Memberships Give You One Month Free!
  • Receive One Free Permit to Carry Class ($100 Value)
  • Free Set of Eye & Ear Protection at Registration
  • Receive a Free T-shirt & Hat at Registration
  • Everyday discount 10% Off Anything In-Stock
  • 1 Free Private Lesson – $160 Value

Membership Cancelation Policy

All membership cancellations must be WRITTEN and cancelled in person. Monthly memberships will be terminated 30-days from the dated material. Annual memberships will terminate on your anniversary date if you choose to cancel, and WILL NOT BE PRORATED.

Range Membership Packages

If you are an avid shooter and archer, we offer combined range packages. Take advantage of our state of the art facilities year-round to improve your shooting skills.

Age 18+
$39.95 month | $439.45 annually
2 Adults & 2 Kids (under 18), Same Household
$59.95 month | $659.45 annually
Active/Reserve/Veteran Military, Law Enforcement Fire Dept, EMT, Government Employees
$29.95 month | $329.45 annually

$34.95 month | $384.45 annually

$100.00 month (No Discounts)
Call or Ask for Details
Age 18+
$50.95 month | $559.45 annually
2 Adults & 2 Kids (under 18), Same Household
$82.95 month | $912.45 annually
Active/Reserve/Veteran Military, Law Enforcement Fire Dept, EMT, Government Employees
$41.45 month | $455.45 annually

$46.45 month | $509.45 annually

Not Available
Call or Ask for Details

While membership is the best value, we do offer pricing for those that do not want to become a member of the range at this time. Our members always have priority over non-members when booking reservations. The pricing is the same for both Premium and Standard lanes. Lane rental is based upon availability. If this is your first time shooting at our range, you should read the RANGE RULES section below and complete the online waiver prior to arrival.

60 MINUTE LANE RENTAL – $20 Primary Shooter | $5 Secondary Shooter

Lane Information

  • 25 yard (75 feet) range length
  • Consistent base lighting to provide illumination of paper targets
  • Air ventilation with HEPA filtration; air turn-over every 60 seconds
  • Bullet resistant glass viewing area for guests to watch shooting
  • 6 Standard Shooting Lanes with Black Ballistic Dividers
  • 6 Premium Shooting Lanes with Clear Ballistic Dividers
  • Six of our lanes have a touch screen control panel, a target system that rotates 360º for enhanced practice scenarios and programmable target movement.
  • Sound dampening technology to reduce the dB levels
  • All of our shooting lanes are pistol, rifle and shotgun (slug only) capable with bulletproof dividers.

Reserving a Lane

Members and the general public can reserve a lane by calling the store. Members can reserve a lane 7 days in advance. Lane reservations are not required unless a large group is shooting.

Range Rules & Waiver

Our Range Rules are put in place to keep everyone safe; please make sure you are acquainted with these rules. Failure to follow the Coyote Creek Range Rules can result in immediate expulsion. Please download a copy of the rules to familiarize yourself with them to ensure the safety of everyone at the range. If this is your first time shooting at our indoor gun range, you will also need to read and complete our waiver. To save time all adults can complete the waiver and submit it online, prior to arrival.

Firearm Rentals

Coyote Creek offers a wide variety of firearms for use in our indoor gun range. Free firearm rentals are offered to our range members on Wednesdays. Members will receive a 10% discount when renting a firearm at Coyote Creek. When renting a firearm you must purchase and use our ammo.

Check out this current list of rental firearms. Please note: Our rentals do change frequently as our rental programs update. Feel free to contact us if there is something that’s not on the list and we can look into it.

  • Handgun Rentals – $10.00 per Handgun
  • Rifle Rentals – $15.00 per Rifle
  • Machine Gun Rentals – Individual Machine Gun Rentals & Party Packages are now available.

Approved Ammo

No armor piercing ammunition is allowed. Ammo is available for purchase at Coyote Creek Gun & Archery. All ammo on the range must meet the following specifications:

  • Only lead or lead with copper jacket bullets are allowed at the range.
  • Brass casing only.
  • All ammo will need to be checked with a magnet prior to being used.
  • Not sure if your ammo can be used? Bring in your ammo and we will check it for you.

Indoor Gun Range

Pistol, rifle, & shotgun capable with bulletproof dividers.

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