Indoor Archery Range

Come shoot on the longest indoor archery range in SE MN! With a distance out to 40 yards, you can be sure you are sighted in without dealing with the everchanging Minnesota weather! Take advantage of our climate controlled archery range to make sure you are ready for that shot of a lifetime!

Something for Everyone!

Test and tune your bow on either our starter or advanced archery range!

Our indoor starter range is 6 lanes wide and 10 yards long. It’s perfect for testing or tuning your bow. We also offer youth archery classes in our indoor starter range.
Our advanced range is perfect for more experienced archers looking to hone their skills. At 16 lanes wide and 40 yards long, the advanced range offers movable targets that can be placed between 5 and 40 yards. It also features televisions and comfortable seating so you can relax. During the winter, our indoor 3D league is hosted on the advanced range (offering hunters and target shooters alike to better their skills, and shoot at foam animal targets). Cost to shoot the 3d indoor league is $80 dollars for early sign up or $10 dollars per round for the public!

Cost to shoot on our starter and advanced ranges is $10 per day or $150 for a 1 year range pass. Receive a 1 year range pass for free with the purchase of a new bow.

Kids always shoot free in our Indoor Archery Ranges. Kids bow rentals are available for $20.00

If you are in a party of 6 or more please call to reserve a lane!

If you are in a party of 6 or more please call to reserve a lane!

Archery Products We Carry

Preparing for your outdoor adventure is easy at Coyote Creek Outdoors. We offer a wide range of outdoor supplies and equipment at affordable prices to keep you at the top of your game. If you don’t see what you need listed below, feel free to contact us to see if we carry it or if we can specially order supplies for you.

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Indoor Archery Range

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