GSSF Matches

The GSSF League Match held at Coyote Creek Outdoors is a series of three matches conducted once a month. Participants must be current GSSF members or register the day of our matches; and compete in two of the three matches to qualify for plaques and prizes. You must shoot in at least 2 matches at Coyote Creek to be entered into the drawing for the free gun. This is a great way to get started in competition shooting!

Note: GSSF Membership is required to complete in any GSSF League Match.

GSSF Membership & Match Information

Competitors may shoot any Glock pistol. There are 5 GSSF divisions: Stock, Unlimited, Pocket Glock (G42 and G43 only), and Rimfire (G44 only). Plaques will be awarded to 1st place in each division. Unlimited, Pocket Glock, Rimfire, Class A Stock, Class B Stock, Class C Stock, and High Lady, Senior and Junior in the Stock division. Additionally, all awards, t-shirts, hats, and field knives are awarded and a GLOCK PISTOL is GIVEN AWAY by random drawing at the end of a GSSF League Match series. Don’t own a Glock? Our Glock rental guns are available on match day for $10.00 plus ammo.

GSSF Membership is required to complete in any GSSF League Match. Your GSSF membership is valid for one year, and renewed on an annual basis. Membership is obtainable online at the GSSF website or you can sign-up in-person at Coyote Creek Outdoors. Current membership pricing for 2023 is $35 new members & $25 annual renewal fee.

Indoor Gun Range Member Pricing

$25 pre-registered / $35 day of match registration / Coyote Creek Indoor Gun Range Members can shoot in all 5 GSSF Divisions for this price.

GSSF Match Pricing for Non-Range Members

$25 for 1 Division pre-registered / $35 day of match registration / $5 for each additional Division

There are 5 GSSF Divisions that you can compete in on match day. Specific information about each division can be found online in the GSSF Rules. Indoor gun range members can compete in all 5 divisions for one inclusive price. Non-range members must pay $5 for each additional division that they compete in.

  • Unlimited Division
  • Stock Division
  • Pocket Glock Division
  • Rimfire Division
  • MOS Division
REGISTER ONLINE using our sign up form to search for our upcoming GSSF Matches.

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