“Action Shooting” in our warm and dry indoor range every Wednesday evening through March 29th. There will be two matches listed each Wednesday for two separate start times; one at 5pm and one at 6:30pm. We will run 2-3 stages that will be enjoyable for new and experienced shooters alike. If you are new to the sport, there will be competitors and range staff available to act as mentors to safely introduce you to this practical game.

Registration will be on PractiScore: https://practiscore.com/clubs/coyote_creek_outdoors

The match fee will be $15, or $10 for those that volunteer to R.S.O. or work on the setup crew.

February 85PM6:30PM
February 155PM6:30PM
February 225PM6:30PM
March 15PM6:30PM
March 85PM6:30PM
March 155PM6:30PM
March 225PM6:30PM
March 295PM6:30PM