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Sell Your Guns

  • Bring in your gun(s) for an immediate appraisal by our top of the line Gunsmith and if you are interested we will buy your new or used gun(s) from you!
  • Gunsmith hours are M-F 8a-5p
  • No appointment needed!
  • You can either sell us your gun(s) outright or make a trade for another gun in the store! We can even order you in the gun of your choice!
  • Stop in or give us a call for more details!!


Consignment Guns

  • We will take your guns in on consignment
  • You can have them appraised by our gunsmith for a selling price or YOU can tell us what you want to get out of them.
  • We sell consignment guns on and/or in-store
  • Coyote Creek sells your gun(s) on consignment for 20%, plus listing expense such as shipping and/or internet cost. We do all the leg work of displaying the gun(s)for sale, writing descriptions, and managing any questions from potential buyers.
  • Call or stop in and see how to get started!


















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